Help and Save the Children of Kathmandu, Nepal

Ever been to the city of Kathmandu, Nepal, and you did witness how the citizens of this rich cultured nation are struggling to survive?

And now you are willing to help them? If yes, then read on. 

Nepal remains one of the poorest nations around the world as its citizens live in abject poverty. A couple of years ago, the landlocked country received a huge blow in its economy when it recorded a severe earthquake that caused destruction, homelessness, and widespread death. Ever since then, the country has been trying, right now is crying out loud seeking help to save its citizens, especially the kids since they represent about 35% of the population. 

Make Donations

Support fundraising communities like Save the Children’s mission by donating a token to help those desperately in need. You can reach out to friends, families, and neighbours who are interested in saving lives but don’t know how, to collect money, or gifts for the homeless kids wandering about in the city of Kathmandu. 

Host an Event 

Here is another exciting way you can support or save the lives of children around the world. When you host a nonprofitable fundraising event that is aimed at providing funds for charitable organizations like ERDO, Save the Children, and other, you are one step to saving a life in the city of Kathmandu. The money you raise for these organizations helps them empower every citizen of the nation including the kids. 

You might be wondering why should you host an event, mind you it’s fun and educational. Event hosting makes a difference amongst other fundraising ideas. For instance, you can create personalized recipe books, sell them, and use the money gathered to make a divergence in a country where people are struggling to have food.  

Participate in Events 

Wondering how participating in events will work? Well, there are a lot of organized events out there that supports children who are desperately in need. You can take part in sporting activities like athletics, golfing, baking, dodge ball, and many others, organized to raise funds for homeless kids around the world, including Kathmandu, Nepal. Specific dates are often set out for people to gather to help bridge the gap between you and the poor masses. 

Sponsor a Child 

You can visit some government-licensed websites where pictures of internally displaced children waiting to be matched with a caring sponsor like you are placed. The funds which you gathered from organized events, fundraising, and advocating for children can be used to sponsor the education of homeless kids on the street of Nepal. You could use these funds to provide basic amenities, shelter, health infrastructures, food, and other essentials of life for these kids. Alternatively, you can send gifts to your sponsored child. Whatsoever, sponsorship method you intend to use, it’s imperative you know that it drives a lasting change in these children’s lives.

Provision of Shelter

To keep the children of Nepal out of the street at night, the shelter must be provided. Because these kids don’t have a home or house to stay, they remain on the street during the day and night. The funds gathered via fundraising should be used by an appropriate charity organization to build homes for families in the city of Kathmandu. Once there is a home for the internally displaced people around the world, no child will be found on the street, and the mortality rate will reduce drastically in the region and other poor nations around the globe.