Volunteer Opportunity to Help Street Child in Nepal

The number of street children in Nepal is increasing every day. The government of the day is yet to come up with a program or policies to address the issue. There is no government organization dedicated to helping these street children, but we can help. 

On his last trip to Nepal, my mate Clay from painters Newcastle spoke to me about an alarming truth, which is the increase in the number of children in the street since his last visit a year ago.

The best way to help these street children in Nepal is through working as a volunteer. As a volunteer, you will get to meet with these street children, interact with them, and try ways to help them be safe and healthy.  

Why volunteer to work help street children In Nepal 

To work as a volunteer is an exciting experience; however, to volunteer work help Street children in Nepal requires one to be determined and committed to the purpose. Nepal levels of poverty are high, which has led to a huge number of street children. As a missionary, you will be working to changes this status quo by helping children to change Nepal. 

There are many ways to help street children in Nepal, but working as a volunteer seems an ideal way. The street children have no families or someone to look up to expect if you volunteer to help them. 

These are children who are young as eight years old, living in the streets and exposed to a lot of dangers. Working as a volunteer will help save these children; life maybe gets to school or get somewhere they can call home. 

Benefits of working as a volunteer

Working as a enlistee to help street children will be of benefits because the street children will not get involves in crimes, prostitution, or any other illegal activity to survive. You will have the chance to offer the child a new life. 

When helping anyone, there is always a thrilling experience. It is the same when working as a volunteer to help save street children in Nepal. You will get to interact with these kids and proposing solutions to help them. It will be a lifetime experience will live to recall. 

What does a volunteer working to help street children do?

Working as a volunteer requires one to be energetic, enthusiastic, and interested to help street children. If you decide on working as a volunteer to any organization helping street children in Nepal, you will be needed to carry out certain tasks. The organization defines the tasks, but you can request if you wish to do something else. required

Among the key task will be to spend time in the streets of Nepal with children, drop-in centers, teaching the street children, playing with the children, and, most importantly, staying with them to show love and compassion they miss. You will enjoy staying with these street children as you educate them. Besides, as a volunteer, you can conduct your research and make consideration of the best ways to help the street children. 


In conclusion, working as a volunteer to help street children in Nepal is the best decision you can make to help these children. You will save a child’s life and helping transfer Nepal. The street children have no one to rely on except if we volunteer to help them. As a missionary, you will be guided by the organization in which you will choose to apply for their volunteer position. Each organization has its strategies to help street children in Nepal be sure to check the roles you will play.