Whence to Donate for Street Children in Nepal

Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries, with an economy that is strictly dependent on small scale agricultural practices and tourism. Being a developing country, the population of street children in Nepal is exceptionally high.

It is indeed a humanitarian act to support the wellbeing of street children. For instance, a country like Nepal needs worldwide intervention to curb the rising number of street children.

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Having been identified as a country that is on the verge of economic deterioration, the need for helping street children will be one way of reviving the failing economy. Efforts from all over the world would be required to find donations for Nepal’s street children. Here are some of the ways that will help source enough gifts.

Main means of donation

Donate through nonprofit organizations. There are several organizations spread all over the world that are willing to help street children in Nepal. These organizations need support from individuals and government institutions to accomplish their objectives. Some of the common goals of nonprofit making organizations are; providing shelter to the street children, ensuring that they go to school, and giving them a primary livelihood.

Education is vital to the development of a country. When the young generation is well educated, the future economy will keep on improving. Through education, employment opportunities will be available, and each parent will at least be able to look after their children, thus reducing the number of street children.

Main means of donating for street children

Donations to nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to supporting the children in Nepal are often made through standing orders, cheques, and at times online for those that operate on a worldwide scale. You need to understand the most preferred means of donating that specific organizations use.

Problems faced by street children

The problems faced by the children living on the streets demine them to enjoy humanity. Street children lack shelter and proper clothing; they have no access to education, are vulnerable to exploitation; they require food and have lots of health disorders as they do not get enough health care.

Examples of a nonprofit organization

Some nonprofit organizations that support Nepal’s street children include Kidasha, Indreni, volunteer’s initiative Nepal, save the children, child rescue Nepal, and Unicef. All these organizations have almost similar objectives for the children of Nepal.

Unicef is an international organization that looks after the affairs of children in the world. Nepal being one of the countries with over 5000 children on the streets, Unicef had to act to save the children. Unicef believes that with over 40 per cent of Nepal’s population being under 18 years, investing in children will shape development to the desired level.

Save the children is an international organization and is concerned with helping the street children of Nepal. Since it began assisting the children of Nepal, it has saved over two hundred thousand children from health disorders, educated over three hundred thousand children, and lifted over forty-four thousand children from poverty. Save the children offers street children an opportunity to learn, a healthy lifestyle, and protects them from harm.

Volunteers initiative Nepal aims at giving the neglected children that have been rescued on the streets a chance to have a better life. The organization researches street children’s needs and suggests some recommendations to help save the street children. Most of the reports produced through the volunteer’s research are used by the government and other organizations to help in solving the problems faced by children in Nepal.

Child Rescue Nepal is an organization that works to ensure there are no more children on Nepal’s streets. The organization identifies children on the streets and those that are working in hazardous environments, rehabilitate them, and later reunite these children with their families.

Indreni children’s charity is registered in Ireland, Nepal, and Switzerland. It has partners from all over the world, which include Germany and California. The main objectives of Indreni are to increase the access of children to education in Nepal, improve the quality of education, empower girls to get a better education and improve the care of children in Nepal.


Helping children who are suffering on the streets of Nepal calls for help from different well-wishers. Making donations through the above organizations will help save one or more children from the street of Nepal.