Whence to Donate for Street Children in Nepal

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Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries, with an economy that is strictly dependent on small scale agricultural practices and tourism. Being a developing country, the population of street children in Nepal is exceptionally high.

It is indeed a humanitarian act to support the wellbeing of street children. For instance, a country like Nepal needs worldwide intervention to curb the rising number of street children.

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Having been identified as a country that is on the verge of economic deterioration, the need for helping street children will be one way of reviving the failing economy. Efforts from all over the world would be required to find donations for Nepal’s street children. Here are some of the ways that will help source enough gifts.

Main means of donation

Donate through nonprofit organizations. There are several organizations spread all over the world that are willing to help street children in Nepal. These organizations need support from individuals and government institutions to accomplish their objectives. Some of the common goals of nonprofit making organizations are; providing shelter to the street children, ensuring that they go to school, and giving them a primary livelihood.

Education is vital to the development of a country. When the young generation is well educated, the future economy will keep on improving. Through education, employment opportunities will be available, and each parent will at least be able to look after their children, thus reducing the number of street children.

Main means of donating for street children

Donations to nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to supporting the children in Nepal are often made through standing orders, cheques, and at times online for those that operate on a worldwide scale. You need to understand the most preferred means of donating that specific organizations use.

Problems faced by street children

The problems faced by the children living on the streets demine them to enjoy humanity. Street children lack shelter and proper clothing; they have no access to education, are vulnerable to exploitation; they require food and have lots of health disorders as they do not get enough health care.

Examples of a nonprofit organization

Some nonprofit organizations that support Nepal’s street children include Kidasha, Indreni, volunteer’s initiative Nepal, save the children, child rescue Nepal, and Unicef. All these organizations have almost similar objectives for the children of Nepal.

Unicef is an international organization that looks after the affairs of children in the world. Nepal being one of the countries with over 5000 children on the streets, Unicef had to act to save the children. Unicef believes that with over 40 per cent of Nepal’s population being under 18 years, investing in children will shape development to the desired level.

Save the children is an international organization and is concerned with helping the street children of Nepal. Since it began assisting the children of Nepal, it has saved over two hundred thousand children from health disorders, educated over three hundred thousand children, and lifted over forty-four thousand children from poverty. Save the children offers street children an opportunity to learn, a healthy lifestyle, and protects them from harm.

Volunteers initiative Nepal aims at giving the neglected children that have been rescued on the streets a chance to have a better life. The organization researches street children’s needs and suggests some recommendations to help save the street children. Most of the reports produced through the volunteer’s research are used by the government and other organizations to help in solving the problems faced by children in Nepal.

Child Rescue Nepal is an organization that works to ensure there are no more children on Nepal’s streets. The organization identifies children on the streets and those that are working in hazardous environments, rehabilitate them, and later reunite these children with their families.

Indreni children’s charity is registered in Ireland, Nepal, and Switzerland. It has partners from all over the world, which include Germany and California. The main objectives of Indreni are to increase the access of children to education in Nepal, improve the quality of education, empower girls to get a better education and improve the care of children in Nepal.


Helping children who are suffering on the streets of Nepal calls for help from different well-wishers. Making donations through the above organizations will help save one or more children from the street of Nepal.

Top Charity Organizations in Nepal Helping Street Children

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Over the years, there has been mushrooming of several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Nepal. The main aim of these charity organizations is to help the people in Nepal socioeconomically.

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Approximately there are more than 6,000 charity organizations or NGOs registered by the Nepal government. These charity organizations work in different sectors but to improve the live hood of people in Nepal. Here are the top charity organizations helping the street children in Nepal.

Prayas Nepal

Prayas Nepal is a leading charity organization which begun to help children since 2003 when it established children home. The home was to cater to children who are living in the streets. Also, the organization protects the rights of young children, orphans, women as well as older people.

Prayas Nepal has helped several children access basic needs, such as education and health care. Prayas Nepal is registered with the District Administrative Office of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages was founded in 1949 as a non-governmental organization headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria. It is among the international charity organizations which have existed in Nepal for a long period.

The main objective of this charity organization is to help children, protect their rights, and provide humanitarian assistance all over the world. In Nepal, the organization has assisted many children in getting a place to call home. They have established houses gathered several children living in the streets and make them live together as a full-time family.

ABC Nepal

ABC Nepal is yet another charity organization or nonprofit, a non-governmental organization helping children in Nepal. The organization solemnly focuses on protecting the rights of women and children in society.

The organization was founded in 1987 and was the very first charity organization to be registered in Nepal. The president of Nepal President Durga Ghimire leads this organization to ensure it carries out its obligations.

Over the years, the organization has protected women and children against trafficking, sexual salves, and implementing the laws concerning worm and children’s laws.


UNICEF is a well-known charity organization courtesy of the U.N. The main objectives of UNICEF are to protect the rights of children and help them get basic needs such as education, food, shelter, and health care. The organization has its offices in Katmandu, Nepal.

Save the Children

Save the children is among the charity organization which entered Nepal long time ago. The organization has been helping children across Nepal for the last 40 years. It is an international organization helping children globally. Save the children also help families who are poor in the society.

Final Words

In summary, several organizations are working in Nepal to help save children. These organizations help children get an education, food, shelter, love, and health care. In addition, to help society at large, they also help families who are poor economically. If you are looking to help the children in Nepal can donate to these charity organizations.

Volunteer Opportunity to Help Street Child in Nepal

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The number of street children in Nepal is increasing every day. The government of the day is yet to come up with a program or policies to address the issue. There is no government organization dedicated to helping these street children, but we can help. 

On his last trip to Nepal, my mate Clay from painters Newcastle spoke to me about an alarming truth, which is the increase in the number of children in the street since his last visit a year ago.

The best way to help these street children in Nepal is through working as a volunteer. As a volunteer, you will get to meet with these street children, interact with them, and try ways to help them be safe and healthy.  

Why volunteer to work help street children In Nepal 

To work as a volunteer is an exciting experience; however, to volunteer work help Street children in Nepal requires one to be determined and committed to the purpose. Nepal levels of poverty are high, which has led to a huge number of street children. As a missionary, you will be working to changes this status quo by helping children to change Nepal. 

There are many ways to help street children in Nepal, but working as a volunteer seems an ideal way. The street children have no families or someone to look up to expect if you volunteer to help them. 

These are children who are young as eight years old, living in the streets and exposed to a lot of dangers. Working as a volunteer will help save these children; life maybe gets to school or get somewhere they can call home. 

Benefits of working as a volunteer

Working as a enlistee to help street children will be of benefits because the street children will not get involves in crimes, prostitution, or any other illegal activity to survive. You will have the chance to offer the child a new life. 

When helping anyone, there is always a thrilling experience. It is the same when working as a volunteer to help save street children in Nepal. You will get to interact with these kids and proposing solutions to help them. It will be a lifetime experience will live to recall. 

What does a volunteer working to help street children do?

Working as a volunteer requires one to be energetic, enthusiastic, and interested to help street children. If you decide on working as a volunteer to any organization helping street children in Nepal, you will be needed to carry out certain tasks. The organization defines the tasks, but you can request if you wish to do something else. required

Among the key task will be to spend time in the streets of Nepal with children, drop-in centers, teaching the street children, playing with the children, and, most importantly, staying with them to show love and compassion they miss. You will enjoy staying with these street children as you educate them. Besides, as a volunteer, you can conduct your research and make consideration of the best ways to help the street children. 


In conclusion, working as a volunteer to help street children in Nepal is the best decision you can make to help these children. You will save a child’s life and helping transfer Nepal. The street children have no one to rely on except if we volunteer to help them. As a missionary, you will be guided by the organization in which you will choose to apply for their volunteer position. Each organization has its strategies to help street children in Nepal be sure to check the roles you will play. 

How Street Children Survive In Nepal

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The urban areas in Nepal experience a lot of street children. These are children who have nowhere to call home or go. They deem the street their home. Across the streets of Nepal, there are more than 5000 children. It is a huge number and increasing daily. How these street children survive in the street? 

These are children without any skills, no families, while others yes they have families, but their parents are unable to provide for them they have to get to the streets. Due to the circumstances, these children are facing, they end up taking odd jobs, engaging in crime actives and others getting to be salve workers. Here are some of the major activities Street children in Nepal engage in to survive. 

Begging on the street

In almost every corner of an urban city in Nepal, you will encounter street children begging for money or food if they see you eating. Begging is one of the many ways of children in the street of Nepal survive, especially the young ones. 

In most instances, they are misunderstood by society, and when they beg for some people to chase them away. As a result, it will prompt the child to steal from you or pickpocket you. It is stigmatization by most people in society, which is negative. These children have no job, so they have to beg you to survive in the streets. 

Trash picking

To survive in the streets of Nepal, street children do all kinds of work available. Like most of them start picking trashes for people, and they pay them. These children walk around the city by picking trashes from shops or homes and carry them to the dumping sites. It is a risky job because it exposes these children to bacteria, which can result in diseases. Despite it being a risk job, these street children still do this kind of work to survive in the streets. 

Working in bars or restaurants

Some lucky street children are offered a job to work in as bar attendants or as a waiter at restaurants. But the lucky are few according to the percentage of children living in the streets. The job they get they are sometimes exploited by their employers and paid under wage.  

Engaging in crime activities

Life in the streets of Nepal is hard for children who live there, giving no other option but to engage in criminal activities. Some of these activities include drug abuse, pickpocketing, and prostitution, among other activities. Out of these activities, they can survive in the streets.

Where street children in Nepal Live

During the day, the streets of Nepal are always surrounded by thousands of street children. Where do all these children go when darkness falls? Here is what you need first to know about these street children.

There are various groups of street children living on the streets. The first group is street children who have lived and been surviving on the streets for years, and they have grown up surviving on the streets. The other group is street children who have recently started living and surviving on the street. These two groups of children, they don’t have a home, so they do live, sleep, and survive on the streets.

Also, there are those street children who come to the streets in the morning and return to their families at night. These kinds of children get into the streets because their families don’t have something to feed them. Their family is poor; parents are unemployed, other family exploits their children by forcing them to go to the streets to beg. 

Bottom Line

In summary, how children survive in the streets of Nepal is magical. Those are children who face a lot of dangers, especially those who sleep on the streets. More so, these children face other challenges such as drug abuse, malnutrition, sexual exploitation, among other dangers. However, lucky enough, many of them can survive in the harsh streets of Nepal. 

Help and Save the Children of Kathmandu, Nepal

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Ever been to the city of Kathmandu, Nepal, and you did witness how the citizens of this rich cultured nation are struggling to survive?

And now you are willing to help them? If yes, then read on. 

Nepal remains one of the poorest nations around the world as its citizens live in abject poverty. A couple of years ago, the landlocked country received a huge blow in its economy when it recorded a severe earthquake that caused destruction, homelessness, and widespread death. Ever since then, the country has been trying, right now is crying out loud seeking help to save its citizens, especially the kids since they represent about 35% of the population. 

Make Donations

Support fundraising communities like Save the Children’s mission by donating a token to help those desperately in need. You can reach out to friends, families, and neighbours who are interested in saving lives but don’t know how, to collect money, or gifts for the homeless kids wandering about in the city of Kathmandu. 

Host an Event 

Here is another exciting way you can support or save the lives of children around the world. When you host a nonprofitable fundraising event that is aimed at providing funds for charitable organizations like ERDO, Save the Children, and other, you are one step to saving a life in the city of Kathmandu. The money you raise for these organizations helps them empower every citizen of the nation including the kids. 

You might be wondering why should you host an event, mind you it’s fun and educational. Event hosting makes a difference amongst other fundraising ideas. For instance, you can create personalized recipe books, sell them, and use the money gathered to make a divergence in a country where people are struggling to have food.  

Participate in Events 

Wondering how participating in events will work? Well, there are a lot of organized events out there that supports children who are desperately in need. You can take part in sporting activities like athletics, golfing, baking, dodge ball, and many others, organized to raise funds for homeless kids around the world, including Kathmandu, Nepal. Specific dates are often set out for people to gather to help bridge the gap between you and the poor masses. 

Sponsor a Child 

You can visit some government-licensed websites where pictures of internally displaced children waiting to be matched with a caring sponsor like you are placed. The funds which you gathered from organized events, fundraising, and advocating for children can be used to sponsor the education of homeless kids on the street of Nepal. You could use these funds to provide basic amenities, shelter, health infrastructures, food, and other essentials of life for these kids. Alternatively, you can send gifts to your sponsored child. Whatsoever, sponsorship method you intend to use, it’s imperative you know that it drives a lasting change in these children’s lives.

Provision of Shelter

To keep the children of Nepal out of the street at night, the shelter must be provided. Because these kids don’t have a home or house to stay, they remain on the street during the day and night. The funds gathered via fundraising should be used by an appropriate charity organization to build homes for families in the city of Kathmandu. Once there is a home for the internally displaced people around the world, no child will be found on the street, and the mortality rate will reduce drastically in the region and other poor nations around the globe.